October 11

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Day of Innovation is Indiana’s only full day innovation event that brings together leaders and practitioners from all sectors and backgrounds.
Connect with like-minded innovators for inspiring keynotes, hands-on Learning Labs, presentations and networking. If you are interested in how to help yourself, your organization, and your state prosper, this is the event for you.

2018 Speakers to be Announced Soon!

Four Tracks at Day of Innovation 2018

Are you new to the innovation team? Is “innovation” just another buzzword? What do others mean when they use words like Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, or failing forward? If you relate to these questions then this workshop track is right for you. In these sessions we’ll introduce participants to popular innovation terms, processes, and ways of working. This is a safe space to fail forward.
Workshop topics could include: Innovation 101, Core Innovation Skills, How to Use A Whiteboard, Design Thinking, Agile, LEAN
Discovering new insights about people is one key driver of innovation. In this workshop track, participants will familiarize themselves with methods to help them better understand the experiences, challenges, needs, and desires of stakeholders.
Workshop topics could include: Journey Mapping, Building Empathy, Voice of Consumer, Ethnography, Observation
Managing innovation projects and teams is a daunting task for many of us. In this workshop track, participants will learn about building and maintaining an innovation culture, how to manage teams and clients, and how to successfully address failure.
Workshop topics could include: Establishing a Culture of Innovation, Workspaces & Innovation, How to Fail Forward, Building an Innovation Team, Managing Innovation Projects & Clients
Innovation and business strategy are intertwined. This workshop track will explore these overlapping threads through sessions focused on business strategy, innovation metrics, and project postmortems.
Workshop topics could include: Innovation as Strategy, Innovation Metrics, Innovation Analytics, Conducting Project Postmortems