Christian Cotichini

Cofounder & CEO

Keynote Title: Crowd 2.0 – How Organizations & Individuals are Collaborating

People have been talking about ‘the future of work’ for years. Most talks lean on motherhood-and-apple-pie concepts and little seems to have changed. But, the era of the traditional, ‘closed’ organizational model is almost over, and the evidence is everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Driven by demographics & proven approaches, the era of crowd 2.0 is beginning.

In his talk, Christian’s goal is to move beyond the usual concepts and share real-world insights, examples, and actionable ‘how-to’. To share insights on how your organization can thrive in this new world.

Speaker Bio

With over 20 years of experience leading startup and high growth technology companies, Christian Cotichini is an active angel investor and mentor to startup entrepreneurs. In the mid-1990s, Christian founded Absolute Software, a leader in computer security and asset management. After going public, Absolute continues to grow and has diversified into a solution for organizations to manage the massive proliferation of Internet devices.

Christian then went on to found MAKE Technologies, a platform for the transformation and modernization of its clients’ legacy and mission-critical software systems. While remaining on the Board of MAKE, Christian left day-to-day activities to join co-founder Shannon Susko on a new startup, Subserveo. A SaaS company, Subserveo targeted the post-2008 compliance and regulatory challenges faced by the banking sector. Subserveo was acquired by DST Systems in 2011. MAKE was then also sold to Dell Computers in 2012.

In 2013, Christian joined HeroX as co-founder and CEO. He is also a partner in TenX Ventures, focused on angel/seed financing, hands-on entrepreneurship, mentoring, M&A, and anti-consulting to startups and emerging disruptive companies.