Cultivate a Creative Mindset

Interactive Presentation

Beth St. Clair

Travis Puntarelli

Session Title: Cultivating a Creative Mindset

Do you have a desire to tap into your creativity more  – but are not sure where to start? It turns out that play is one avenue to do just that. While the idea of play for adults in our society has historically been viewed as frivolous, research now shows that cultivating a playful mindset leads to increased cooperation and trust, connection and community, and creative problem solving. Play may have a more critical role in creativity than we ever imagined. Please join us for a highly interactive (and fun!) workshop focused on providing participants with tools to cultivate a more playful mindset. 

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. The opportunity to experience your personal creativity
  2. An understanding of the “playful mindset”
  3. The principle of Yes And as a creativity tool and how to apply it. 

Speaker Bio: Beth Outland

Beth brings over 15 years experience in executive coaching, leadership development and team effectiveness. At ActUp, Beth combines her business experience to customize improvisational programs that are fun, engaging and deliver results. She has delivered “applied improvisation” programs for Deloitte Consulting, Delivering Happiness with CEO Tony Hsieh, All State, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Prior to launching ActUp, Beth was a consultant for Deloitte Consulting in Washington DC. Beth earned her MBA from Indiana University. She is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment, DiSC, and is a certified leadership coach. She is originally from California and has lived in Indianapolis for the past six years. She currently resides in Meridian Kessler with her husband and two young boys.

Speaker Bio: Travis Puntarelli

Travis is an anachronistic vaudevillian of vigil-antics, a relic of forgotten times: the minstrel of yore and bard of lore. A bare-footed and bunson-burned tour guide on the fault-lines of agony and ecstasy…a real life action figure, comes multi-instrumentally equipped with quips and quirks. Part jester, part monkey, all mime. Not mute though, but musical, and often in rhyme. Bender of space, traveler of time, increasing the present, decreasing clocked wrinkles and ripples and de-greasing the brain, heart and mind. An ingrown child. An unpaved roadshow. A one-man cosmic circus & friends. Best viewed upside down, inverted, and backwards.