CX Mapping for Innovative Leaders

Breakout Session

David Whited
Highland Solutions

Charissa Morgan
Highland Solutions

Keynote Title: CX Mapping for Innovative Leaders

Customer Experience Mapping is a key practice for businesses to be able to truly understand what customers care about and how they make them feel. The insights gained from this activity are critical to enable your organization to deliver exceptional in-person and digital experiences and succeed in the age of the customer. 

Learn how these collaborative, creative activities can produce valuable Customer Experience Maps that will fuel your team’s insight and innovation. 

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. How leading companies use customer experience as a critical competitive advantage 
  2. The building blocks of Customer Experience Mapping activities 
  3. How to introduce Customer Experience Mapping to your own organization 

Speaker Bio

David began formalizing his passion for experience design in a university setting where he led multiple teams of creatives and academics in the development of powerful institution-wide learning encounters for college and graduate students. After ten years in a higher education setting, David transferred his creative energy, classroom facilitation skills and team development expertise into the world of product development at Highland. Today,  David helps Highland’s clients figure out the most important problems to solve through gaining an outside-in view of their customers’ experiences. 

Speaker Bio

Charissa Morgan is a Customer Experience (CX) Consultant at Highland, partnering with clients to identify their most important problems and solve them through the lens of their customers’ experiences. When working with teams, she loves the “a-ha” moments where clarity is achieved, connection is cultivated, and creative strategy aligns with the needs of the client and their customers. Charissa’s passion for human-centric experience design is fueled by her psychology background and years of experience in nonprofit leadership and business consulting.