Dora Lutz

Founder & CEO

Keynote Title: Innovation for the Greater Good

This session is designed for leaders that would like to facilitate innovation to solve social issues that impact employees, society or their business models.  

By the end of this session, participants will understand how the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals can be used as a rubric for ideation of new products and markets. 

Next, we will review the concepts of Shared Value, a methodology that allows businesses to solve a compelling social issue while driving profitability to understand how to implement social innovations in the organization. 

Lastly, participants will hear how creating an Aspirational Vision can create internal alignment for new innovations.    

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. Understanding the Sustainable Development Goals As a Guide for New Innovation  
  2. Using Shared Value to Innovate New Products & Markets 
  3. Creating an Aspirational Vision to Support Internal Innovations 

Speaker Bio

Throughout her career, Dora has enjoyed identifying, understanding and distilling emerging business theories into practical, measurable, action plans.   

As the founder of GivingSpring, Dora consults with businesses, nonprofits and governmental agencies to create strategies that leverage social entrepreneurship and community engagement for greater social impact and profitability.  Dora is one of five certified Shared Value Consultants in North America, and teaches social Entrepreneurship at Purdue University.   

Dora serves on the board of Cancer Support Community, recently chaired the Global Council for the United Nations’ Impact 2030 Initiative, and leads a Girl Scout troop of 17 second graders.