Earl Miller

Director of Innovation & Engineering
Hiler Industries

Keynote Title: Brain Based Leadership to Improve Innovative Culture

Principles of innovation can be applied to any business, including the foundry industry where molten metal has been solidified into designed shapes for over 5,000 years. Everyone has an ability to innovate. It’s up to us as leaders to draw the best from our teams. And while not everything is always under our ability to control, aspects of neuroscience can be and should be advantageously used to pull participants into their mental sweet spots, (above ‘auto-pilot and below ‘fight-or-flight’). Engaged innovators can be trained into discovering new perceptions that can lead to the creativity that is so critical a part of successful innovation. 

Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. Understanding the basics of neuroscience is like having a navigational compass to guide teams and individuals through common change related obstacles. 
  2. Each person’s perception is unique to them. How might we shift our teammates’ perspectives and draw them toward innovation? 
  3. Learn approaches that encourage innovation, such as: leadership styles, psychological safety, attitude and language. 

Speaker Bio

As Director of Innovation and Engineering at Hiler Industries, a family owned B2B manufacturer and foundry in Indiana, Earl uses training from Notre Dame’s Certified Innovation Mentor program (CIMp), and Beacon Health’s Pfeil Innovation Center in a number of capacities. With a strong desire to ‘Make Others Successful’, Earl encourages teams to merge divergent creativity with convergent concepts into developed, implementable, real world manufacturing solutions.