Elise Lockwood

Operations Partner
DORIS Research

Keynote Title: Disrupt that Synergy: Jargon as a Barrier to Innovation

Agile can mean that you’re fast… or that you’re iteratively building software. Pain point can mean you need an Advil… or that your customer has a problem. Sometimes jargon or tribal language are a necessary part of innovation, of developing new products and processes and then creating the language to talk about them. However, this language can be a barrier to buy-in for potential customers, clients, or even investors. Simplifying the language you use is not about reducing complexity or significance. Instead, it’s about how to promote your unique product while simultaneously creating common ground, and how reversing our understanding of jargon can open the doors to new audiences. 

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. Identify if and when you are using jargon today 
  2. Explore common areas where tribal language or jargon can be harmful, and identify areas of opportunities within your own practice 
  3. Leave with tools for assessing your organization’s internal language and how to use it to build understanding 

Speaker Bio

Elise Lockwood is the Operations Partner at DORIS Research. She received an MA in Emerging Media Design and Development from Ball State University, and a BA in English Writing and Theatre from DePauw University. Although a native Hoosier, Elise works remotely for DORIS and currently lives in Eugene, Oregon. Elise also leads program development for Redefining Women in Tech, and acts as a partner for The Geeky Press.