Ken Miller


Executive Summit at Day of Innovation

Limited to 25 participants, the Executive Summit at Day of Innovation is a peer-led learning event for invited executives working in innovation, strategy, and R&D. It is an opportunity for leaders to discuss real problems and collaborate on new ideas and solutions.

By creating a confidential, off-the-record space, the Summit will empower executives to share recommendations, insights, and guidance with one another. Attendees will be asked to contribute topics and suggest challenges in advance so that participants best suited to lead a particular discussion can be prepared to do so.

Taking place during Centric’s annual Day of Innovation conference, the Executive Summit is an exclusive, invite-only track focusing on big, strategic innovation and the cultural, structural and behavioral aspects that enables it to happen in large organizations.

Innovation executives only, no consultants or vendors will be permitted. Centric individually confirms all attendees, ensuring participants are not directly competitive and can speak freely.

The Executive Summit will meet in the historic Hinkle Fieldhouse, one of the nation’s great sports arenas for more than eight decades. Participants will also have access to Day of Innovation keynote sessions and the 2018 Indiana Innovation Awards. Both of those programs will take place just steps away in Clowes Memorial Hall on the campus of Butler University.

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Speaker Bio

Over the last 25 years of developing teams focused on growth and innovation, Ken Miller has cultivated a strong appreciation for the unique challenges of organizational leadership. Although the technologies and industries evolve over time, the solutions to these challenges are found in the same place; people. His passion is creating the environments where people are empowered and learn how to lead; helping them to understand the connection between personal growth, innovation, and high performance.