Lacey Lavies

Executive Product Partner

Keynote Title:  Leverage Research to Innovate

A great product or service isn’t great if users don’t understand it. At our Centric Day of Innovation workshop, Indianapolis-based product agency, Innovatemap, will teach how any organization can Leverage Research to Innovate. 

Executive Product Partner Lacey Lavies will start by sharing examples and Innovatemap’s perspective on the role user research plays in defining innovation. Second, she will present some tactical steps on how to conduct better research.  

Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. Understand how utilize user research to find opportunities to innovate 
  2. Learn what types information you should be gathering from your users 
  3. How to ask questions to get at the information you want. 

Speaker Bio

Lacey is a founding member of Innovatemap who brings over a decade of Product Management expertise to guide clients in building the right product. She has a passion for working with early stage startups and truly understanding their market and user base in order to translate their vision into a product that customers will love.  

Through her ability to translate research insights into results, Lacey partners with Innovatemap’s clients to refine their vision, uncover product opportunities, and influence design.