Lori Lovens

Innovator, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker
Innovation Savvy, Inc.

Session Title: InnovationLeadership, Agility & The Human Dynamics of Innovation (& Leadership)

When people thrive, innovation thrives…so how can leaders engage people’s strengths & spirits to drive innovation and deliver impact? How might we build innovation capabilities that support the thriving of people, the planet and profits?

Leaders are often frustrated or overwhelmed when people aren’t meeting their expectations, even when collaboration is strong, or when conflict and tension are hurting team performance. When we recognize and understand the patterns of action/interaction on teams that impact agility and productivity, we can identify blind spots and potential risks where teams may get stuck or miss critical possibilities. We can inspire and empower them to close the gap between their performance and their potential.

In this session we’ll explore: What impact do leaders’ strengths have on teams, culture, and innovation? How can we build a foundation of psychological safety and lead with vulnerability? How do we understand innovators’ unique strengths, design teams that are Wired To Innovate, and build their capacity to collaborate? How do we operationalize purpose?

Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. Explore the framework of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in the context of innovation
  2. Understand the “3D” strengths of innovators and how to design teams for agility and productivity throughout every stage of the innovation process
  3. Discover how to operationalize the Journey From Purpose To Impact™

Speaker Bio

Lori Lovens is a dynamic innovator who delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of product innovation growth for Gatorade and Unilever brands. At Innovation Savvy, she is leading the emerging field of The Human Dynamics of Innovation™.

Her deep understanding of innovation was developed over the past 25 years via immersion in hundreds of projects as team member, project leader, marketing director, innovation coach, consultant, and VP Culture of Innovation.

Lori earned her MBA from The University of Michigan and is a Mentor at 1871, Chicago’s globally recognized Technology & Entrepreneurship community.

Lori is passionate about inspiring and empowering innovators.