Maggie Pfeifer

VP of Education
Eureka! Ranch

Session Title: Innovation 101: How to be Successful with Innovation Even if it Isn’t Your Day Job  

Innovation Engineering® is a new field of study taking universities and companies by storm.  It is a collection of methods and tools for creating big ideas, accelerating projects, and problem solving your daily challenges – no matter your field, experience or job title.  Through this interactive session, you’ll be learning tools and tactics that you can apply to your life RIGHT NOW. You’ll walk away energized having sampled a new way of thinking and working. 

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. How to create 8x more BIG IDEAS at your next ideation meeting
  2. How to clearly pitch or write your idea with 5X more persuasive power
  3. Fail Fast, Fail Cheap! How to quickly find out if your idea is worthwhile 

Speaker Bio

Maggie Pfeifer is the Vice President of Education at Eureka! Ranch. She oversees the Innovation Engineering Blue Belt® and Black Belt® certification courses building curriculum on the best practices for innovation, coaching candidates through certification and training instructors to teach the course.  Her calm demeanor and easy-going attitude make her the perfect coach and teacher. 

Maggie is a Miami University graduate and a true entrepreneur at heart, successfully building and running her own business Reborn By Maggie, which has been recognized by magazines including Martha Stewart’s Real Simple.  She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, Nick and daughter Tillie.