Marcos Hashimoto

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
University of Indianapolis

Keynote Title: Corporate Incubators

The continuous search for innovation is leading large corporations to look outside for new and fresh ideas. Corporate Incubators is one of the recent moves to capture the best opportunities being explored by insightful and inspired startup entrepreneurs. Nurturing nascent companies and investing in their growth brings new energy to the company and enhance the intrapreneurial spirit within. 

Speaker Bio

Prof. Dr. Marcos Hashimoto is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Indianapolis School of Business. Holding a PhD in Business Administration and over 20 years of executive experience in large companies, including Cargill Inc and Citibank N.A, he also founded and co-founded four companies in executive education and consulting services as well as two not-for-profit organizations to foster entrepreneurship studies and entrepreneurship culture in Brazil. Dr. Hashimoto has published seven books and several peer-review journal articles, being also awarded in Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurship Research and Business Plan Competitions.