Matt Phillips

Phillips & Co.

Keynote Title: The 1-Hour Lean Innovation Crash Course

Experience an accelerated crash course in lean innovation with this 60-minute, hands-on sprint through lean innovation’s key principles and stages. What is lean innovation? At its core, it’s a process that seeks to eliminate unnecessary steps from the innovation process and blend rapid inventing and learning to get to stronger ideas faster. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to apply key lean concepts, like minimum viable prototypes, to challenges large and small – and ways Phillips & Co. has evolved their approach to lean innovation based on their real-world work with Fortune 500 and non-profit clients.   

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. Participants will learn what “lean innovation” is and its strengths and weaknesses. 
  2. They will learn key steps and concepts of lean innovation. 
  3. They’ll get hands-on experience moving through a lean innovation process. 

Speaker Bio

Matt Phillips is president of Phillips & Co., an innovation consultancy based in Chicago. The firm’s team of researchers, strategists, designers and facilitators has worked with Fortune 500, mid-sized and non-profit clients including Hyatt, Paramount Pictures, Dell, Macy’s, the TSA, Wells Fargo, Bosch and SoCalGas. Matt holds an MBA from The Kellogg School of Management and is a graduate of The Second City’s conservatory program in improvisation.