If You Love Something, Let It Go

Breakout Session

Sasha McCune
Conifer Research

Ben Jacobson
Conifer Research

Keynote Title: If You Love Something, Let It Go

The Conifer team puts the age-old “if you love something, let it go” wisdom to the test as a means to uncover tacit needs. From cutting off consumers from their television, swapping out preferred water sources, or banishing favorite snack items from the home — Sasha & Ben will share stories, anecdotes and a-has from using Deprivation-Based research methods to fuel innovation. From reveals to reflections, to traction with trying new products or bailing and cheating – deprivation research allows you to see the effects of behavioral change in action. Conifer will deliver practical tips on how best to leverage these methods, what you can learn from using this approach, and how thoughtful contextual experiments can help innovation teams expedite learning and forge paths ahead.  

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. What is Deprivation-Based research? 
  2. What can it help you learn? 
  3. How does Deprivation-Based research help fuel innovation? 

Speaker Bio

Sasha is a passionate design strategist who works at the front end of innovation. She translates ethnographic research into the “so-whats” that pave the way for new ideas, products, partnerships and positioning. Sasha’s work as Director of Design at Conifer has helped fuel innovation pipelines in industries such as food, beverage, CPG, retail, and technology. She has uncovered the foundational insights that made your favorite speakers and streaming services work in harmony, has helped you feel a little less lost in a vast home improvement warehouse, and has worked towards making car shopping feel more productive and less overwhelming. 

Speaker Bio

Ben has 19 years of consulting experience-helping clients develop innovative products, services and business models from a user-centered perspective. His strengths lie in developing new approaches to gathering critical insights about everyday user behaviors and working with inter-disciplinary teams to invent better user experiences and successful corporate strategies.  Ben founded Conifer Research in 2001 with a mission to produce evergreen research systems and knowledge bases that leverage the enormous potential of ethnographic research. Ben has a Masters degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Chicago and a Masters degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He teaches Behavioral Observation, and other courses as an Adjunct Faculty member at the Institute of Design in Chicago.