Steven Palmer

Owner and Ever Evolving Businessman
Ever Evolving, Inc.

Keynote Title: Charting a Course Through the Innovation Minefield

Success in life and in business all starts with a plan. Innovation is no different. Yet too many businesses don’t properly plan for innovation, instead viewing it as a serendipitous act delivered straight from the business gods into the unexpecting laps of corporate executives. This lack of planning is a scary proposition in a world where companies are now earning billion-dollar valuations in 16 months and the average corporate lifespan is one-third of what it once was.  

This presentation will talk through the major muscle movements involved in successful innovation planning, while identifying the necessary tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to implement it. We will walk through how an organization can identify areas ripe for innovation. And audience members will receive a free copy of Ever Evolving’s Innovation Ranking tool designed to help executives identify what innovations to invest in. 

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. How to make innovation perpetual by baking it into your corporate culture 
  2. The major focuses for any innovation framework and the value the organization receives from them 
  3. How to identify ideas that are worthy to invest in, and how to know when to stop investing in them 

Speaker Bio

Mr. Palmer is an accomplished, focused, and enthusiastic businessman with a passion for all things innovation. Having supported organizations big and small, Mr. Palmer understands that innovation must be more than just building and supporting one great product. And that for a business to maximize its potential, innovation needs to be both repeatable and perpetual. He started Ever Evolving to bring his passion for evolving business practices to the masses. He lives by the philosophy that “while today was great, tomorrow can be better.”